About Apex Quality Health

Pioneering Advanced Molecular Diagnostics. Explore Our Diagnostic Capabilities

Our Mission

Unlocking Clarity – Insightful Diagnostics for Compassionate Patient Care
Apex Quality Health specializes in advanced molecular diagnostics, clinical chemistry, and offers pathology services to healthcare providers providing unparalleled clarity for precision diagnostics. We believe our assays enable insights that accentuate compassionate care. Empowered with heightened clarity powered by Apex, providers can treat patients with the right treatment. This antibiotic stewardship leads to compassionate care.

Our Values

Compassionate Care
We place the patient at the center of our business, designing our processes around how we can best serve our patients
Unlocking Clarity
Everything we do should increase clarity and useful clinical insight for our providers
We embrace this Japanese philosophy of continuous improvement by relentlessly pursuing innovation in our molecular diagnostic methods and actively seeking opportunities to refine our processes.

Our Expertise

Targeted Pathogens
We unlock clarity into the specific bacterial, viral, or fungal pathogens.
Antibiotic stewardship
Apex Quality Health’s molecular diagnostics bolster antibiotic stewardship by providing precise pathogen identification and resistance profiling, enabling targeted treatment decisions.
Clinical Chemistry
Apex Quality Health excels in clinical chemistry, employing state-of-the-art analytical methods to measure vital biomarkers with precision. Our expertise contributes to a deeper understanding of patients’ health, enabling personalized care and informed treatment strategies.

Apex Solutions

Experience the difference of precision diagnostics and unlock a new level of clarity in clinically valuable insights.


Enhancing podiatric care with precise molecular diagnostics for fungal and wound infections.


Optimizing urological health with advanced diagnostic identification of urinary disorders.


Offering definitive diagnoses with detailed tissue and cellular examinations.

Clinical Chemistry 

Providing key biochemical data through comprehensive blood and fluid analyses.

Assisted Living

Elevating patient care in assisted living facilities with comprehensive, mobile lab services.

Central Lab Services

Streamlining biopharma clinical trials through robust sample management and advanced testing.

Serving the Midwest

At Apex Quality Health, our regional focus centers around serving the Midwest healthcare community by delivering exceptional diagnostic services tailored to their unique needs. We believe in fostering collaborative partnerships with healthcare providers, institutions, and researchers to share knowledge and expertise, driving innovation in diagnostics.


These strong collaborations enable us to contribute to the improvement of patient care across the region while supporting the advancement of medical research and development.