Empowering Clarity for Assisted Living Facilities

Elevate resident care and enhance operational efficiency with Apex Quality Health

Our Solutions

Experience the difference of precision diagnostics and unlock a new level of clarity in clinically valuable insights.

Molecular Diagnostics

AQH employs the latest molecular testing methodologies to ensure infection prevention and management in assisted living facilities for various infectious diseases, including: 

1. UTI

2. Wound Infections

3. Respiratory Infections

4. Vaginitis

5. Flu

6. Fungal Infections

Clinical Chemistry Diagnostics

Experience unparalleled precision with AQH’s clinical chemistry services, delivering accurate and reliable insights into key biomarkers to support informed decision-making and personalized patient care.

The Apex Advantage

Local Efficiency
We emphasize driving clinical diagnostic excellence for assisted living facilities locally.
Enhanced Patient Outcomes
Accurate and timely diagnostics improve patient outcomes and care.
Anti-Biotic Stewardship
AQH’s diagnostic services enable assisted living facilities to maintain proper antibiotic stewardship.


Our Expertise

Dedicated Clinical Team:

AQH’s experienced clinical professionals are dedicated to providing assisted living facilities with dynamic solutions to their needs. 

Cutting-edge Technology:

AQH employs advanced diagnostic equipment and methodologies to ensure accurate and reliable results.

Infection Control:

Our array of clinical diagnostic services helps manage the spread of infections in assisted living facilities. 

AQH is committed to forming strong partnerships with assisted living facilities to enhance patient care and facility performance.

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