Unlocking Clarity: Precision Podiatry Diagnostics for Enhanced Patient Care

Experience the difference of precision podiatry diagnostics and unlock a new level of clarity in clinically valuable insights for optimal foot and ankle care.

About Apex Podiatry Dx

Apex is the Midwest’s Premier Podiatric lab offering physicians various podiatric diagnostic services. Our lab specializes in advanced molecular PCR testing methods. We are proud to partner with a CAP Accredited lab with board certified dermatopathologist to ensure all of your needs are being met. Whether it is a fungal nail, chronic wound, punch and shave biopsy specimens, PAS stain, cultures, or melanomas, AQH has you covered.

With a local focus, we pride ourselves in offering the highest quality client service and always putting the patients first.

We always accommodate our customer’s needs. “Our Process is Your Process.”  Whether it is custom requisition forms specific to your practice or scheduled weekly pickups, we are here to partner with you to provide the highest quality of service to you and your patients. 

Empowering Better Patient Care for Your Patients

Complete Clarity
With 99.9% specificity and 99.9% sensitivity for our Onychodystrophy molecular diagnostic assay, you will understand both the specific infectious organism(s) and any antibiotic resistances.
Clarity, but Quicker
At Apex, specimens do not cross multiple state lines to be processed. 24hrs after the patient leaves your clinic, you will have results so you can begin appropriate treatment immediately.
The Local Advantage
We pride ourselves in being mid-west focused. Being close to the providers we serve gives us the ability to serve the providers we serve dynamically. 


Experience the difference of precision diagnostics and unlock a new level of clarity in clinically valuable insights.

Onychodystrophy Diagnostics

Utilizing advanced PCR-based assays, our fungal infection diagnostics target dermatophytes, yeasts, and molds in foot and nail specimens, ensuring the accurate identification of causative pathogens for optimal antifungal therapy.

Anatomic Pathology

Our podiatric anatomic pathology services encompass histopathological and immunohistochemical analyses of foot and ankle tissue samples, enabling precise diagnoses of benign and malignant lesions to guide effective

Wound Diagnostics

Through state-of-the-art microbial identification and quantification techniques, we provide rapid detection of aerobic and anaerobic bacterial pathogens in foot and lower extremity wounds, facilitating targeted antimicrobial treatment for improved healing outcomes.

ABX Resistance

Our antibiotic resistance molecular assays determine antibiotic susceptibility profiles of foot and ankle infection pathogens, supporting the evidence-based selection of antimicrobial therapies.

Clinical Chemistry

Our podiatric clinical chemistry services offer a comprehensive range of tests, including complete blood count, metabolic panel, and biomarker analysis, to assess patients’ overall health and inform personalized care for foot and ankle conditions. (Coming Spring 2023)

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Experience the difference of precision diagnostics and unlock a new level

Educational Materials

Downloadable brochures guides, and whitepapers on molecular diagnostics and pathology in podiatry.

What Our Customers Say

Experience the difference of precision diagnostics and unlock a new level
I can recommend Apex Labs without reserve for their prompt service and rapid turnaround times, which are second to none. They are a welcome benefit in improving clinical outcomes and service to the well-being of the patient.
David G. Iaccino, DPM
Palos Hills, Illinois
Apex has been great lab to partner with. Their communication and turn around time is the best I’ve seen. They are honest, upfront and really put the patients first. We are pleased with their service.
Nacy T., MA - Foot & Ankle Health Center, PC
Oak Lawn, Illinois